FR Series 
  1. FR 168-4S II
    FR 168-4S II
    Weight Cap 460lbs Range: Up to16 miles Top Speed: 10 mph Turning Radius: 62.6" Ground Clearance 2.6" Code: K 0808
  2. FR 510F II
    FR 510F II
    Weight Cap: 500lbs Range: upto 20 miles Top Speed: 10mph Turning Radius: 64" Ground Clearance: 3.43"
  3. FR 1
    FR 1
    Top Speed: 9.4 mph Range: Up to 36miles Weight Cap: 400lbs Metallic Gray and Orange red, pearl white are available
Valued Very Heavy Duty 
FR 168-4S II
We add more values on our Very Heavy Duty (VHD) mobility scooter.

This 2nd generation not only has additional safety equipment but compared to American brand of the same class, the price for the same model is more valuable. This is a big incentive for those considering new mobility scooter.

Delta Tiller + wide mirror
The only Very Heay Duty is well-equipped wit Delta tiller for riding without soreness in a long time.

Wide mirror gives youor more safety than other.
Wider Seat
Thicker and  wider 20" seat for your sitting comfort.
FR 168-4S II
Headlight adjustable
The ONLY one, has the largest room of your knees and elbows in its reimbursement class, a Very Heavy Duty- K 0808.

Without any compromise limited choices for your demands.  Less than 55" of turning radius good for your indoor purpose. Plus, Front and rear suspensions can be suitable for your outdoor demands.

  • Well-equipped 20" seat
  • Turning radius: 53"
  • PU 10" flat free tyre
  • Waterproof button protection
  • Fully alam sytem: horn and reverse beep
Adjustable angle of headlight enable your way is ALWAYS lighted by correct direction even you lower your tiller.

FR 1



Not only innovate the sporty appearance, we also build the sporty spirits into scooter. With full suspensions, sporty Captain’s seat and LED lighting system.

It is unprecedented experiences in riding with your FR1.
  1. LED break system
  2. Sporty Captain Chair
  3. USB Charge Ports
  4. Sporty  Handle

FR 510F II

Delta Tiller

Designed as a comfortable scooter without diemension limited for without coding. 

Flat Free Tyre

Front and rear PU 10" tyre exempt your worried when you use for outdoor purpose.