Advanced Luggie

Our dream has always been to make mobility devices that are safe to ride and convenient to repair. Our mobility devices come with all of FreeRider's practical innovation, signature technologies and we have been able to redefine what is possible for the mobility device users in the world.

In creating the advanced Luggie, we call this new series Luggie Plus & Deluxe.
We made this dream come true.

Luggie Plus & Deluxe is greatly enhanced with improved riding experiences. One of the main features of Luggie Plus are the smaller turning radius with golden safety ratio designing.
In addition, reducing riding vibration, increasing grip capability, and longer riding distance and increased speed. Luggie Plus & Deluxe offers you unprecedented control.
It's the power to overcome the conflict.

Not perform but outperform 
Suspension comes with different riders riding request for Plus and Deluxe folding scooters
Omni Suspension

This is the patented suspension for Luggie Plus. It supports the users hold the scooter handle firmly while they ride it on bumpy roads.
Spring Suspension
This is the patented suspension for Luggie Deluxe. It gives more comfortable riding experiences while riders ride it on the bumpy road and it is effective for reducing the vibration strength.
  1. Luggie Plus
    Elite Plus 3
    Mustard Olive
  2. Super Plus 4
    Super Plus 4
    Titanium Silver


Now, a whole new Luggie Plus & Deluxe series are open to explore with even more safety, a more compact 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooter class.

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