The cost of repairing or replacing the item during its warranty periods.


You may not familiar about our scooters, so here is the answers to make you feel comfortable when you decide to take our scooter join your daily life.
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    What's lithium-ion battey life time?
    All of our lithium-ion batteries are warranty 12 months since you purchased. Please use our Luggie Supercharger to charge your battery. It will be fully charged within 90 min to charge 10.5ah battery. Then you are ready to back your journey.
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    Which battery model can be used for my Luggie?
    All of the Luggie scooters can be used the Luggie lithium-ion battery. The battery options comes with 8.5ah, 10.5ah, and 16.5ah for the different range requirement. The longest range is up to 22 miles if you use 16.5ah lithium-ion battery. Luggie Classic needs the adaptor to use lithium-ion battery. Moreover, Luggie Chair can be use Luggie lithium-ion battery, too.
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    Do I need to use Luggie Supercharger?
    Yes, you need to use Luggie Supercharger to protect your battery cell, that's the reason we warranty 12 months not 6 months. There is a high tech chip inside the battery cell will be recognized the charger you use when we read the chip data.
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    Do I need to charge battery daily?
    Charging your lithium-ion battery once a month at least to protect your battery won't sleep then die. Charging your lead acid battery once a week at least.
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    Can I carry the lithium-ion battery to airline?
    Yes, you can carry our Luggie lithium-ion battery to the airline because it is TSA approval and acquired UN38.3 criteria. Airline won't allow the battery capacity over 300ah, so your Luggie 16.5ah litium-ion will be not allowed to carry.
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    Do I need to have a lifter or ramp?
    Luggie is only folding scooters with folding variation as its main features. You don't need to complete fold it and just lift rear bumper and roll into your trunk. Scooter can be folded like a ramp, you can feel like 25lbs of Luggie Standard and 35lbs of Luggie Super. Video can be found on YouTube.
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    Can I use my Medicare or private insurance?
    Luggie scooter is the only folding scooter with HCPCS Code. The other series comes with HCPCS Code, too. Please contact your doctor and insurance carrier to get the reimbursement details.
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    What is different between recreation scooters and medical devices?
    There are lots of differences based on various phase. Let's make simple. Manufacture is not resonsible for any FDA requirment if the products are belong to recreational products. All of our products are medical devices, so we have FDA K number to each model ensure rights and liability.
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