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25 lbs​
                          lifting weight
In terms of lifting weight is like heaviest piece weight for dissemble scooter.

The lever principle to lift the scooter into the trunk. 
  1. 25lbs is really shown on the hand scale.
  2. Luggie makes her life easier.
Luggie Plus

It is our commitment to provide you convenient mobility in your daily life. We’ve created real value for you, a simple, reliable, and affordable mobility scooter.

       Now you get to experience your first Luggie which is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance programs in the USA. Please contact your local dealer for more details.
Product and Event are update instantly
  1. Unveil Luggie Plus
    Apr 17, 2019
    Luggie Plus is unveil before the long weekend to celebrate your Easter and prepare your travel plan with our Luggie Plus.
  2. Find the suitable battery options
    Jan 8, 2019
    Just like buying Tesla, choose the suitable battery capacity for your mobility scooter.
  3. Lowest dollar per Cap
    We bring the lowest dollar per cap for our li-ion battery to our Great America for mobility scooter owners. Here you can buy the biggest lithium-ion battery in the USA by lowest payment. It is available through 6/30/2019. For details, contact your local providers.

Scooter Repair​​

    Mobility Devices


Local repair services available
Full product lines offering and exlusive units in the North America
Instant parts replacement 
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