100% Reimbursement
FR 168-4S II is the only Delta tiller.   Say goodbye to more of the same.
  1. Heavy Duty, indoor, outdoor scooter
    FR 168-4S II
    Weight Cap 460lbs Range: Up to 20 miles Top Speed: 5 mph Turning Radius: 53.25" Ground Clearance 3.5" Code: K 0808
  2. FR 510F II
    FR 510F II
    Weight Cap: 500lbs Range: upto 20 miles Top Speed: 8mph Turning Radius: 64" Ground Clearance: 3.43"
  3. FR1, Sporty mobility scooter, all terrain
    FR 1
    Weight Cap 400lbs Top Speed: 9.4 mph Range: Up to 36miles 13" Air tire Handbrake Instant On Swithch USB Charging port Height and angle tiller adjustable
The ONLY has the largest room of your knees and elbows in its reimbursement class, a Very Heavy Duty- K 0808.

Without any compromise limited choices for your demands.  Less than 55" of turning radius good for your indoor purpose. Plus, Front and rear suspensions can be suitable for your outdoor demands.

·        Well-equipped 20" seat
·        Turning radius: 53"
·        PU 10" flat free tire
·        Waterproof button
·        Fully alarm system: horn  and reverse 

Elegant on you

FR 168-4S II

  1. Delta Tiller
    Delta Tiller
  2. solid tire
    Front Suspension & 10" solid tire
  3. Rear Suspension
    Rear Suspension
  4. FR Scooter, adjuster, All Terrain
    Wide Angle Adjuster
Stylish on you
Not only innovate the sporty appearance, we also build the sporty spirits into scooter. With full suspensions, sporty Captain’s seat and LED lighting system.

It is unprecedented experiences in riding with your FR1.
Stories at world's corner
Sharing your story with us and we'll arrange professional video makers to give you great memories. 
  1. FR ONE
    The appearance
  2. Family time
    Here is the story that we video for our FR1 rider with her granddaughter to keep the great memories.
  3. Women's Day
    Here is the story that we cherish our women so we "pink" her FR1 as our great respect.
  4. Scooter Racing & Performance Testing
    This is the safety scooter racing & performance testing in Europe. We expect to have this activities in USA. Welcome your comments!
Dynamic Apperance
Fully LED head light solutions with daylight system for riding safety and stylish.
LCD display with ODO meter. Instant ON half speed for more riding convent. Hand brake is well-equipped for riding safety.
Fully LED tail lighting solutions with reverse alarm for more riding safety.
Sporty Head Light
Luxy  Handle
Sporty Tail Light
Sporty mobility scooter, FR1, FreeRider

Impressive         Performance

Achieving the highest level of riding performance and handling stability through innovations in suspension structure and adjustable seat.
Big on style
FR 510F II
The 2nd generation of FR 510F reeinforces the frame design to 500lbs as weight capacity.

FR510F II is surprisingly spacious and conveniet riding, leaving a wonderful riding expereinces: Delta tiller, Captain Seat, 12.5" PU flat free tired, and suspensions.
  1. Very Heavy Duty
    Wide Angle Headlight
  2. Captain seat, fish-ion seat
    20"*20" Captain Seat
  3. Delta Tiller
    Delta Tiller
  4. 12" solid tire
    12.5" Solid Tyre