Selected Accessories
Top 6 accesorries for Luggie owner in the daily
  1. cushion, luggie,
    Memory Cushion
    High-tech materials inside to release stress when you are sitting in scooter for a long time.The mesh material on the surface can be removed and washed.
  2. battery bag, luggie,
    Battery Bag
    Battery bag can carry your charger or battery at your convenient space.
  3. Lithium-ion battery, Luggie, 16.5ah, fast charge, lithium-ion,
    16.5Ah Li-On Battery
    Designed for upto 22 miles in your long journey and fully charge within 3 hours.
  4. Luggie, rear bag,
    Rear Bag
    Carry your extra lithium-ion battery or personal belonging.
  5. Luggie Classic, Lead Acid Battery,
    Charging Cable
    Charging your Luggie Classic without scooter port. Will be more convenient to charge anywhere.